Welcome to Full Living: Psychotherapy PracticeWe work exclusively with seasoned Clinicians offering Individual, Couples, Family and Group Therapies. We offer Relational Psychodynamic Clinical Services
for Adults, Children and Teens. We are Culturally Competent and LGBTQI Knowledgeable Clinicians. We specialize in coordinated clinical and referral services.
We have locations through-out the city and surrounding neighborhoods.

Psychotherapy is a great tool

People compare a lot of things to therapy; hikes in nature, talks with a good friend, meditation, and even confessions to a priest. All those things are great, and can be important tools for a good life. But they are not therapy. Therapy is a uniquely potent tool for crafting a rich and satisfying life.

Therapy is no quick fix, and its value can’t be assessed on any particular session. In fact some of the “best” sessions can feel downright heart-breaking. But its goals are fundamental shifts in how we see/experience/think about ourselves, our relationships and existence itself. Therapy is a key tool to changing patterns that hinder our full engagement in living.

But do I need Therapy?

To start, the question shouldn’t be if you need therapy, but if it would benefit you. Very few people need therapy, and only in a few circumstances. When need is the issue, we are usually discussing inpatient residential therapy for a serious crises or treatment for a person with a significant mental illness. Outpatient therapy can help when someone is in deep need, but it can also just be used as a resource for enriching one’s life. Therapy is a tool for improving our understanding of…

  • what ails us as we lay awake in the middle of the night
  • unexplained defensiveness when talking to our boss
  • general feelings of stress without identifiable causes
  • exasperation when dealing with our children
  • repetitive fights with a partner
  • feeling of hopelessness that surface unexpectedly in the day
  • angry outbursts that hurt our relationships
  • feelings of loss of control
  • disparaging thoughts about ourselves and our lives

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