Psychotherapy is a Great Tool

People compare many things to therapy: hikes in nature, talks with a good friend, meditation, and even confessions to a priest. All those things are great and can be important tools for a good life. But they are not therapy. Let us help you find a therapist. Therapy is a uniquely potent tool for crafting a rich and satisfying life. more

Therapy is no quick fix, and its value can’t be assessed on a particular session. In fact, some of the “best” sessions can feel downright heart-breaking. But its goals are fundamental shifts in how we see/experience/think about ourselves, our relationships and existence itself. Therapy is a key tool for changing patterns that hinder our full engagement in living. less

But Do I Need Therapy?

To start, the question shouldn’t be if you need therapy, but if it would benefit you. Few people need therapy, and only in a few circumstances. When a need is an issue, we are usually discussing inpatient residential therapy for a serious crisis or treatment for a person with a significant mental illness. Outpatient therapy can help when someone is in deep need, but it can also be a resource for enriching one’s life. Therapy is a tool for improving our understanding of… more

• what ails us as we lay awake in the middle of the night
• unexplained defensiveness when talking to our boss
• general feelings of stress without identifiable causes
• exasperation when dealing with our children
• repetitive fights with a partner
• feeling of hopelessness that surface unexpectedly in the day
• angry outbursts that hurt our relationships
• feelings of loss of control
• disparaging thoughts about ourselves and our lives less

Find a Therapist; Our Primary Goal is Good Client/Therapist Matching

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