Full Living; helping our clients build better lives one session at a time.

Full Living Founder and Director Karen L. Smith prioritized bringing on a wide range of clinicians who vary in style and approach, training, and skills, along with personal and professional backgrounds. Central to the design of this group practice is making great matches for clients with a clinician who can best meet their needs. This means providing basic options as per gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, but also just having clinicians with a variety of different personalities.

Full Living is prepared to meet your needs with a full range of modalities, including individual, couples, family, and group therapies. We can assist in coordinating Psychiatric services, Psychological testing and referral services for other needs including Nutritional Counseling, EMDR treatment, and more.

Full Living prioritizes working with clinicians who have engaged a broad range of people, of different backgrounds, with varying belief systems and life experiences. Cultural competency and LGBTQI sensitivities cannot be taught; it is built on a life well lived by people with an open and flexible mind.

Full Living works exclusively with seasoned clinicians to ensure high quality services. Our clients receive a free initial consultation with our Founder/Director, Karen Smith, MSS, LCSW, in order for her to connect them with well-matched clinician(s), whom she personally selects and supervises.

Full Living clinicians work together to provide one another with ongoing consultation, peer supervision, and case collaboration. When more than one member of a family is engaged in therapy with Full Living, our clinicians work collaboratively to provide integrated, informed services.

Full Living clinicians have offices throughout Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs to best facilitate a convenient location for services.

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