Oh The Places You'll Go Book Cover.

Blue? Lost? Uncertain? Read this book as a pick-you-up.

Often given as a graduation gift, Dr. Seuss's Oh' The Places You'll Go is a masterpiece reminding us of the natural ups and downs of life and the dangers life entails. While hardly a cure for diagnostic depression or anxiety, it is a comfort to the s...
Sad To Angry Emoji Text.

Anger Matters

This is a text I received from my 7 year old son one morning upon realizing I wasn't going to the zoo with his class that day. Note the sadness descending into violent rage.   This is jack you better be come to the feeld trip Keran smith!!!?...
Hannibal Lector Cooking.

Why I absolutely adore the gruesome TV show Hannibal

The tv show Hannibal is the most internally consistent psychological drama on TV. Sure, its characters are quite fantastical, but they are crafted intelligently, with sophisticated comprehension of the disturbed psyche. Shows with criminal profilers ...
Simple Abstract Watercolor.

“I don’t want to talk about Rwanda”

The extremes of human suffering can serve to discount one’s own more mundane complaints.
Woman Sitting Alone On Bench.

Coupledom is great; But Singlehood ain’t too shabby either

As an analytically oriented psychotherapist, I am always thrown a bit by “attachment theory” and “attachment parenting”. What about the other side of the coin, separation? Both attachment and separation are capacities that must be achieved. They are ...
Typography Illustration Of Couple Arguing.

Who is going to Win; You, or your Relationship?

When couples fight, the need to be right can easily distracts us from the damage that insistence does to our relationship. Unfortunately we really have to chose who is going to win, you or your relationship. Most folks come upon it honestly. In ch...
Illustration Of Blue Feather.

Time is my Higher Power

When I first entered 12 Step recovery in my early 20’s I was faced with the daunting task of identifying a “Higher Power”. I came to the program anti-religious, not particularly spiritual, and very committed to rational thought. I was also un-trustin...
Cup Of Herbal Tea.

ADD – Don’t Subtract Foods for your Weight Loss Resolutions for the New Year

I am a large, body-positive, feminist, who worked with in the Eating Disorder field as both a clinician and educator. And still, this time of year I always find myself hyper aware of my size. And while I think societally we are continually inundated ...
Dictionary Definition of "Resolve". Featured Image for "Building Resolve for New Years" blog post.

Building Resolve for New Years

New Year's Resolutions require a fair amount of resolve to pull off. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your intentions.
Mulder And Scully In Car X-Files.

Managing Christmas Expectations

Over-blown expectations surrounding major holidays can often diminish the joy available. Thoughts on how to enjoy Christmas.