Communication Skills for Couples: Headline Your Needs!

Communication skills are key to turning couples fighting into vehicles for relationship growth and change or just increasing injury and disconnection. You are radically more likely to get your basic needs meet when you communicate needs clearly to yo...
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Should I go to Psychotherapy?

The short answer to if you should go to psychotherapy is Yes! To start, the question shouldn't be if you need therapy, but would it benefit you. Very few people need therapy, and only in a few circumstances. When need is the issue, we are usua...
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What Should I Talk about in Therapy Today?

Most clients know that some of their best sessions happen when they don’t know what their therapy topic is going to be. In the absence of an external event to report, the unconscious manages to insert itself into what feels like random meanderings of...

Listen to your Unconscious

Freudian slips, dreams, songs that get stuck in your head: they are all efforts by your unconscious to direct you to issues burdening your mind that part of you is resistant to addressing.
On Kissing Tickling and Being Bored book cover. Featured Image for "On Kissing Tickling and Being Bored..." blog post.

On Kissing, Tickling and Being Bored

"On Kissing, Tickiling and Being Bored: Psychoanalytic Essays on the Unexamined Life" by Adam Phillips. Here is a new feature of my recommendations. I wanted to start with one of my favorite analytic books of all time.  It is a great r...

Thanksgiving Gluttony, Gratitude, and Black Friday Greed

Thoughts on gratitude, greed and gluttony.
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Anxiety, Medication and Lost Decades

Both my client and I sat with such a strange mixture of feelings tonight. In the past 2 weeks his life has radically changed for the better. A burden that has been eating him alive for over 30 years has been lifted. After having spent 20 years of his...
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Quarantine Your Business

S: “I have been thinking about maybe going away for a three day weekend” L: “Me too! Where should we go”? S: “Remember when we stayed at the cabin? That is still one of my favorite vacations we have taken. It was so relaxing”. L: “But it...

Psychotherapy Myths

Psychotherapy myths about therapists, clients, why people go to therapy, and the therapy itself prevent some folks from using this uniquely potent tool for crafting a better life. Don't let fear and misinformation keep you from finding a therapist an...
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Counseling Isn’t Psychotherapy

Many folks, including some clinicians, use the terms counseling and therapy as if they are interchangeable. Many clinicians engage almost exclusively in the use of counseling techniques and mistakenly call what they do as psychotherapy. This is a ser...