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Karen L. Smith | MSS, LCSW

Our Founder and Director has maintained a full-time private practice for nearly 20 years. Early in her work she identified the value of collaborating with other clinicians to discuss theories and approaches to work with clients, and the value of having more than one clinician engaging with the same client or client system.

While many outpatient therapists find themselves working in isolation, Ms. Smith has spent the past two decades participating in and running biweekly study and supervisions groups. These groups have created a team of clinicians who cross-refer clients when appropriate, and have given them opportunities to discuss cases as a team.

Because of her years as a national educator on issues related to Eating Disorders, and more recently, educating other therapists on enriching their work with analytic theory, Ms Smith found herself routinely getting more referrals than her practice could handle. Rather than simply referring them out to other clinicians, she decided to create a small group practice so she could offer a source for reliable psychotherapy services.

Each and every clinician in the Full Living practice has been interviewed and handpicked by the Director.  Karen wishes to ensure nothing less than the best to offer those seeking top quality Psychotherapy services and clinicians that truly care about their clients.

Ms Smith talks with every potential client personally – spending time getting to know them and seeking to connect them to the clinician that will best match their needs.  She has a heart to see that each one is placed with that perfect fit so they will reap the full benefits of their therapy experience.

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Our Founder and Director October 1, 2015

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