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Therapy requires a serious investment of time, finances and emotional commitment. Because outpatient therapy is typically elective, people naturally think a lot about the costs. Frequently all our anxieties and uncertainties get reduced to concerns about the fees. While financial considerations most important in our lives, therapy is a worthwhile investment that will change our experience of life.

During the intake consultation, fees will be discussed. Determining factors include the therapist assigned and frequency of sessions. Under certain circumstances fee many be reduced.

Individual and Couples Therapy (50 minutes) $120 to $150
Infant, Toddler and Child Therapy (50 minutes) $120 to $150
Family Therapy (75 minutes) $180
Group Therapy (90 minutes) $60


Full Living does not contract with insurance companies. We understand most people seek therapy with the intention of using their insurance. Our decision is two fold.

One, Full Living prioritizes strong,quality, seasoned clinicians and well made matches. When ever we see service providers, be they accountants, lawyers, doctors, or baby-sitters, it should be based on a knowledgeable recommendation, not a list. Full Living provides sophisticated, skilled matching with a therapist suited to your needs and personality. It is the next best thing to a personal referral.

Two,the foundation of therapy is built on confidentiality, which insurance companies require us to break in order to seek reimbursement. Full Living believes therapist need to withdraw from collaboration with this demand. Sharing that you are in therapy, the reasons and the work you are doing in therapy is a great thing to do with some of your family and friends. Otherwise, your involvement in therapy is confidential. At Full Living, we discourage you from breaking this confidentiality with your insurance provider who will use your participation in therapy as an indication of “illness” they are allowed to “manage”.

Upon request, Full Living will provide you will a receipt of payment you can use to seek reimbursement from your insurance company, understanding this will require provision of a diagnosis by the insurance company even if unwarranted.

All fees are due in full at the time services are rendered.

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