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There are a wide range of reasons people seek out therapy. It can help when your therapist has some familiarity with those reasons at hand. Here are some of the areas of specialty among our therapists.

Challenges/Opportunities of Young Adulthood
Identity Development/Moving into Independence/
Unpacking Family of Origin Dynamics

Culture/Religious/Race/Economic/Ethnicity-based Themes
Immigration/Inter-generational Transmission of Culture/Inter-faith, Multi-Cultural Families/Bridging Economic Variance in Partnership/Acculturation and Integration to a new culture

Early Intervention for the New Family
Themes associated with Pre-Natal/Post-Partum/Fertility/Adoption

Emotional Growth
Relationship Conflict/Development of Authentic Voice/Existential Dilemmas/Identity Struggles/Mindfulness Practice/Spiritual Growth/Dream Work

Life Transitions
Partnering/Separating/Marriage/Divorce/Launching Children/Changing Careers/Mid-life/Retirement/Emerging Professionals/Child Custody
End of life issues/Illness

Mood/Behavior Management
Depression/Anxiety/Panic/Bi-Polarity/Eating Disorders/Addiction/OCD/Anger and Aggression/Perfectionism/Self-Esteem/PTSD/Impulse Control/Hoarding Tendencies/Self-Sabotage/Over-Achievement/Sports Anxiety/Performance Anxiety

Parenting Issues/Education
Handling Teens/School and Academic Difficulties/Children with Sensory and Perception Differences

Trauma/Physical and Sexual Abuse/Loss/Professional Burn Out/Chronic Pain/Illness/Addiction

Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity
Questioning/Exploring/Coming out/Transitioning

Specialties October 2, 2015

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