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Life isn't easy

Life Isn’t Easy, or Fair: Idealization Tortures Us Thinking It Should Be

I never imagined myself a perfectionist. But in the psychoanalytic lexicon, we are more apt to use the term Ideal, or Idealization. We can get a glimpse of our own brand of idealization right underneath statements like “Life should be fair”, “life sh...
Typography Illustration Of Couple Arguing.

Who is going to Win; You, or your Relationship?

When couples fight, the need to be right can easily distracts us from the damage that insistence does to our relationship. Unfortunately we really have to chose who is going to win, you or your relationship. Most folks come upon it honestly. In ch...

Communication Skills for Couples: Headline Your Needs!

Communication skills are key to turning couples fighting into vehicles for relationship growth and change or just increasing injury and disconnection. You are radically more likely to get your basic needs meet when you communicate needs clearly to yo...