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Do I Need to Hate My Parents to Get Better?

Some folks fear they are going to be asked to hate their parents by their therapist. In a world where we agree it is good to move on, let go of the past, and live in the present, it can seem contradictory that therapists as interested in our childhoo...

In Defense of Long Term Psychotherapy

Long term psychotherapy gets a bad rap in the age of managed care and evidenced based concrete treatments. But long term therapy offers transformation, of the way we see ourselves, our relationships and our world. In the video, eating disorders ar...
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Up-selling Psychotherapy: Are Therapists Even Allowed To Do That?

Up-selling is a term borrowed from the business world. While the concept seems counter-intuitive to a therapist salary, many of us are additionally small business owners. The fact that we are in a helping profession, doesn’t mean our psychotherapist ...
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Turning 50 Alison Bechdel’s Success and Mine

My big celesbian sighting (that is a celebrity lesbian-sighting), was in a hotel lobby in upstate New York, and Alison Bechdel was in her sweatpants version of pajamas. It didn’t stop  me from walking right up to her and introducing myself. I then fu...
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ADD – Don’t Subtract Foods for your Weight Loss Resolutions for the New Year

I am a large, body-positive, feminist, who worked with in the Eating Disorder field as both a clinician and educator. And still, this time of year I always find myself hyper aware of my size. And while I think societally we are continually inundated ...
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Building Resolve for New Years

New Year's Resolutions require a fair amount of resolve to pull off. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your intentions.

Psychotherapy Myths

Psychotherapy myths about therapists, clients, why people go to therapy, and the therapy itself prevent some folks from using this uniquely potent tool for crafting a better life. Don't let fear and misinformation keep you from finding a therapist an...