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Made Your New Year’s Resolution? Read This

Most folks make New Years resolutions about their most core issues. With or without our own awareness of the links, the issues that plague us year after year are entrenched because they deeply rooted in themes from childhood. We love to think that...
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Catch the New (School) Year Wave and Get Back to Work

It is not just Jews and school-bound kids that are gearing up for the new year. It is in the air. Or ingrained in our bones from our school years. Summer is over. The fun, or the chaos, of the season is over, and it is time to get back to work. Ce...
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ADD – Don’t Subtract Foods for your Weight Loss Resolutions for the New Year

I am a large, body-positive, feminist, who worked with in the Eating Disorder field as both a clinician and educator. And still, this time of year I always find myself hyper aware of my size. And while I think societally we are continually inundated ...
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Building Resolve for New Years

New Year's Resolutions require a fair amount of resolve to pull off. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your intentions.
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Managing Christmas Expectations

Over-blown expectations surrounding major holidays can often diminish the joy available. Thoughts on how to enjoy Christmas.

Thanksgiving Gluttony, Gratitude, and Black Friday Greed

Thoughts on gratitude, greed and gluttony.