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Sad Child Looking Out Window.

Anthony Bourdain, and Why I Talk to My 10 Year Old about Suicide

Audre Lourde warns us "Your Silence won't Protect you". It won't protect your children either. We must talk to them, even about the most dark of subjects, including suicide.
Father And Daughter Playing.

Three Key Fathers Parenting Jobs, Analytically Speaking

Psychoanalytic theory pays plentiful attention to the role mothers play in early childhood development. The first weeks of life are dominated by the mother-infant relationship, often referred to in the analytic world as the nursing couple*. (To be cl...
Woman Covering Eyes.

Let’s Profile Brock Turner, More Accurately Than His Father

In a letter penned in defense of a light sentencing for his son, Brock Turner’s father described him as "happy go lucky" prior to the events one night in January 2015. Even after accepting his son had sexually assaulted an unconscious woman, he still...
Two Girls Whispering.

6 Openings for Talking to Kids About Sex and Gender

As parents, a lot of us have our fingers crossed. We hope our kids won’t have sex until they are grown. And that they will land on the easiest and least controversial path possible. It is a reasonable wish, but can’t be turned into a parenting goal w...
Newborn Crying.

Psychoanalytic Mother Lovers: 3 Theories for Mom’s Day

It is true that no analyst or analytically oriented psychotherapist worth seeing is interested in anything else as attentively as our moms*. But really, who can deny it: moms are centrally key in all our lives. *Moms are sometimes Dads, or Aunts, ...
Parent And Child Holding Flowers.

Sometimes I Give in to my Kid, and I Am OK With That

Parenting is hard. I know parents are supposed to be consistent. Once we say “no,” we aren’t supposed to let them convince us otherwise. We are supposed to mean what we say and say what we mean. Really, I know, I've read all the discipline and parent...