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Psychotherapist as a Dance Archeologist

An element of a good psychotherapy, the one which requires the most skill and psychological strength from the therapist, is our work at uncovering early childhood dynamics (archeology) impacting our daily patterns (dances). Whatever brings folks t...

Confessions of a Popaholic: An Erotic Fetish

You likely wish you didn’t know how some psychotherapists care about your poop/pee/breast feeding and how cigarettes/cigars might be symbolically linked to a wish to suckle on a breast or fixation on penises. Sorry, but it is true. And given that, how is it we don’t think about pimple popping.

Client Irritating You? Boring You? It is Useful Counter-Transference

When we tell someone at a party that we are a psychotherapist, they inevitable ask “Don’t you get bored hearing about everyone’s problems”? Or “Doesn’t it get irritating listen to people complain about their problems all day”? Most therapists would a...

Attending to the Unconscious in a Psychotherapy Session

Sigmund Freud postulated that for psychoanalysis to be effective, the client must share with the analyst all that crosses their mind during the course of the clinical hour. Whether their thoughts are deemed by them to be relevant and consequential or...

“Why Would I Do Something So Stupid?!” 3 Tools for Answers

“What is wrong with me”? “Who would do that”? “Why do I keep doing the same stupid thing”? These are common questions clients have when talking with a psychotherapist. Or a friend about an incident we are upset about. Or to our journals or the uni...

Should I go to Psychotherapy?

The short answer to if you should go to psychotherapy is Yes! To start, the question shouldn't be if you need therapy, but would it benefit you. Very few people need therapy, and only in a few circumstances. When need is the issue, we are usua...
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Listen to your Unconscious

Freudian slips, dreams, songs that get stuck in your head: they are all efforts by your unconscious to direct you to issues burdening your mind that part of you is resistant to addressing.