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Group Practices usually focus on geography, insurance contracts, or particular treatment issues. This leaves little room to select therapists based on more qualitative and intentional criterion.

Full Living prioritizes working with clinicians who have engaged a broad range of people of different backgrounds, with varying belief systems and life experiences. Cultural competency and LGBTQI sensitivities cannot be taught; it is built on a life well lived by people with an open and flexible mind.

Group Practices predominately rely on novice clinicians, including Pre-licensed clinicians, who they can pay at low rates. Aside from their limited experience, low paid clinicians rarely stay with their practice for long, resulting in unnecessary disruption of your therapy.

Full Living relies exclusively on seasoned clinicians in their own private practices. Since clinicians use their own offices, Full Living has a low overhead. This allows us to pay our clinicians well and maintain long-term relationships with our practice and clients.

Group Practices often rely on administrative staff to assign clients to random therapists based on demographics and availability. This turns what could be a clinical contact into a business interaction and makes your placement with the right therapist a matter of luck.

Full Living considers matching you with the right therapist to be a skilled clinician’s task. Our Founder/Director personally conducts a free initial consultation for each new client and then selects the right clinician based on the client’s requests, the therapist’s expertise, and the personalities and styles of each party.

Group Practices typically rely on insurance company referrals to fill their practices. While these types of referrals allow for reduced client fees, they also require clinicians to break client confidentiality for reimbursement. Insurance providers require all clients to receive an official diagnosis, ignoring that most clients are outpatient and typically limit coverage to 10 or 20 sessions a year.

Full Living will provide clients with receipts upon request, including an agreed-upon diagnosis, so they may seek reimbursement. However, we have withdrawn our support of insurance providers, opting instead to protect client confidentiality, which is the foundation of clinical work. We prioritize relationships with our clients, not with insurance companies.

Group Practices frequently limit their therapy approaches to short-term, cognitive and behavior modification interventions to satisfy demands from insurance companies.

Full Living provides the option of working with cognitive and behavioral approaches for clients who are interested, or when clinical challenges indicate the need. In addition, we offer therapies aimed at freeing us from the thoughts and behaviors that ail us by attending to our core selves.