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Half-Day Mini Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Retreat 

Saturday December 10th* from 10 am to 3 

Glenside PA 19038 

Once or twice a month on Saturday mornings in Glenside PA, Full Living offers half day mini retreats. Participants will have spent the weeks before that Saturday getting ready the retreat:

  • Free Initial Intake 

  • Free Consultation with Existing Therapist and/or Psychiatrist  

  • Meeting with Medical Prescriber to get a Ketamine Prescription  

  • Attend at least one Preparation Session to Set an Intention for the Retreat 

  • Attend a Virtual Group Video Q and A Session 

On the day of the retreat we will:

  • Engage in Ritual 

  • Share our Intentions 

  • Experience a Ketamine Medicine Session 

  • Do some Art and Journaling 

  • Eat Some Nourishing Food 

  • Share Experiences and Plan for Integration 

  • Closing Ritual 

Following the retreat, you will do at least one Individual Integration Session with us and at least one Virtual Group Integration Session, with more available for those interested. 

In order to get the most from your Ketamine experience, we at Full Living believe that folx are best served by multiple Ketamine sessions, preferably 8 to 12 sessions. For those using infusion centers, this may well be an affordable option. For those seeking to do sessions that are therapy assisted, it is unlikely affordable to do all of your sessions with a therapist present for financial reasons. We encourage folx to consider two or three therapist facilitated sessions, individually or in the group retreat setting, which we hope will prepare you to do the remaining sessions at home with a friend or family member. 

If you are interested in participating in an upcoming retreat, please contact us for your free initial consultation, so that we can see if you are a candidate, and get you started in the process, which takes 2 or 3 weeks dure to process of obtaining a prescription. 

Psychedelic assisted psychotherapy is an exciting new vehicle for working with our unconscious material. In a normal dream state our conscious minds are asleep, but our unconscious is actively trying to communicate with us. During a Ketamine medicine session, we retain contact with our conscious, lucid self as well as our unconscious dream state. 

The group setting is an ideal paradigm for this work, as it allows for the sense of sacred ceremony that helps shift otherwise casual psychedelic use into ritual as a psychotherapy tool. It creates an opportunity for the participants to build community with each other, for future group integration sessions, future medicine sessions, or more causal self-directed support activities. 

Group Half Day Retreat $600 to $1,020.


  • Individual Preparation Session. Live or Virtual  

  • Virtual Group Medicine Preparation Q and A Session  

  • Group Guided Ketamine Retreat Style Session…Live in Glenside 

  • Individual Integration Sessions. Live or Virtual  

  • Virtual Group Integration Session 


Does not Include:

  • Consultation with Prescriber 

This cost may be minimal,through your own prescriber, or using an on-line prescribers for around $300, which includes the medicine for 10 sessions. 


If you are interested in exploring Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy as a treatment option, please contact Full Living: Psychedelic Psychotherapy Retreats for a free initial consultation to see if you are a good candidate for treatment and to explore treatment options.  



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